Monthly Update

Bo’ness SNP monthly update – December 2020

As this is our second monthly update, and the final one for 2020, we would like to offer our reflections on the activities of the Bo’ness SNP over the past month, and over the year as a whole. 

But before we begin, we would also like to welcome our new member this month, Marcela. Bo’ness SNP is very proud to currently have 205 members.

As mentioned in our previous post, it goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has effected us all in some way. If you feel you would benefit from assistance from one of your elected SNP representatives, please visit the “representatives” page on this website, which contains contact details for Bo’ness’ MP and MSP, and our local SNP councillor. 

Over the past month, Bo’ness SNP has continued to contribute to the campaign for Michelle Thomson to become Falkirk East’s MSP next year. We’ve continued to build up Michelle’s profile, as we know how important social media and other forms of publicity are going to be in this election. We will be hearing and sharing more from Michelle and her predecessor Angus in the months to come. 

Similarly, Falkirk East Constituency Association’s calendar fundraiser was a huge success, and sets Michelle’s campaign in good stead for the year ahead. It is understood that Falkirk East CA will make another calendar next year. Bo’ness SNP will once again be playing a large part in this. 

In terms of looking at the year as a whole, last months update already does a great deal of explaining what Bo’ness SNP has been doing during this extremely challenging year.

I would like to share a further update on the success of our website :

Bo’ness SNP’s website has had:




Individual Visitors

The website continues to grow in functionality – our new “History” section will be completed in the new year, as will better options for donations, and the SNP’s new system for registering support will be made available through this website when it launches in February.

It goes without saying that this year has been challenging. So let’s leave it on a message of hope.

Over 2020 Scottish Independence has become, for the first time, the preferred option of a majority of Scots. There has now been 17 consecutive opinion polls which show this reality.

Independence is ours for the taking – but first we need a referendum.

Bo’ness SNP is committed to supporting SNP candidates who will support Scotlands’ right to choose its own future.

Regardless of whether a person is for or against independence, it is the right of the people who live in Scotland to make that decision.

So let’s make that happen.

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