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Bo’ness branch SNP congratulates Michelle Thomson on election win

Bo’ness branch SNP has congratulated SNP candidate Michelle Thomson on her substantial win in Falkirk East constituency. 

Michelle won the highest number of votes recorded of any candidate in Falkirk East since the constituency was created in 1999. Michelle received the votes of 18,417 electors in Falkirk East in Thursdays election, with Labour candidate Allyson Black coming second with 10,832 votes. The previous record for any candidate was outgoing MSP Angus MacDonald’s win in 2016, which garnered the support of 16,720 voters across Falkirk East.

The party ran an extremely active campaign in Bo’ness, with a heavy initial focus on social media based campaigning, bolstered by a new website and engaging with many first time younger voters through Instagram and Snapchat, and later adding to this with more traditional methods of campaigning such as leafletting and canvassing, inline with COVID restrictions.

The ongoing COVID rules also meant a return to other classic methods of campaigning, with banners, window posters, car stickers and car loudspeaker systems being made use of across the town to promote the SNP’s message. 

In the lead up to polling day, and on the day itself, an extensive get out the vote operation was organised by Bo’ness branch in order to ensure as many of its supporters as possible got out to vote. Further to this, the branch also organised polling agents to stand outside polling stations on the day itself, in order to greet voters and ensure that due scrutiny of the democratic process was carried out. 

Bo’ness SNP members that were at the count commented that the SNP support in boxes from Bo’ness polling stations was extremely high.

“We are delighted that Michelle Thomson has been elected as MSP for Falkirk East with an overwhelming backing of the people of Bo’ness.  Michelle ran a very positive and energetic campaign which looks to have captured the attention of the constituents of Falkirk East.  Michelle will be an asset at Holyrood and a strong voice for Falkirk East.  She was ably backed by the hardworking Bo’ness SNP campaign Team, led by our Branch Organiser, David Mitchell.I’d like to also put on record our thanks to outgoing MSP, Angus MacDonald, who served Falkirk East with distinction during his two terms at Holyrood.”

Bo’ness SNP Convener Alan Gilbert

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