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Bo’ness SNP sends donation to new patient support charity based in Bo’ness

This month, the Bo’ness branch of the SNP has donated £250 to a new local charity, Bo’ness Car 4U. 

Bo’ness Car 4U is a newly registered SCIO, set up with the aim of providing a free and friendly hospital transport service for cancer patients registered with any Bo’ness medical practice.

Going to and from hospital for cancer treatment can be difficult. Public transport is often infrequent and expensive, while driving involves the stress of traffic and hospital parking.

Bo’ness Car 4U is a small local charity made up of volunteer drivers who are seeking to remove these worries for those undergoing cancer treatment. 

The Bo’ness Car 4U service aims to launch in 2022, and they are looking for volunteers and donations. More details can be found on their website, and Facebook page.

Commenting, local Bo’ness SNP Councillor, Ann Ritchie, said;

“We know that getting to hospital for cancer treatment can be difficult, and we know that often, driving to or using public transport to reach these services can cause additional stress for those receiving treatment for cancer. 

The local SNP branch believes that this new charity will provide a service which makes the lives of those undergoing this treatment easier. 

This is why we have made this donation to the Bo’ness Car 4U, and we urge others to get in touch with the charity to assist with donations and volunteers.”

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