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The Bo’ness Branch of the SNP has recently donated £250 to the 2021/22 Polar Academy team at Bo’ness Academy, which will be embarking on an ambitious and life-changing expedition to Greenland in 2022. 

The organisation, founded by Bo’ness local Craig Mathieson, looks to inspire young people through ‘inspiration by exploration’ – in Bo’ness Academy’s case, through months of training and fundraising, and eventually a Polar expedition to Greenland next year. 

On Tuesday 2nd of November, the Convener of Bo’ness SNP David Mitchell briefly met with some of the people involved in making this happen. 

Commenting, David Mitchell, convener of Bo’ness Branch SNP, said :

“ I am truly more than happy to present this donation to the Polar Academy.

As someone who went through school in Bo’ness, i’ve been aware of the work that Craig has been doing since I was at primary school. 
It was great to briefly meet with some of those involved in the Polar Academy on Tuesday, including Craig, pupils, parents, and other volunteers. It’s clear this is an extremely busy time for them – between expedition training, munro climbing, and visiting and keeping up with COP26. I was also hearing about the intense physical training they were about to start. It really has taken a lot and I look forward to hearing more about what they will achieve. 

I would recommend that anyone interested in the work of the Polar Academy watches the ‘Arctic Academy’ series on BBC from 2019, which follows some of the Polar Academy’s work. 

I commend their dedication and I wish them well for the future, on behalf of Bo’ness SNP.”

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Bo’ness SNP sends donation to new patient support charity based in Bo’ness

This month, the Bo’ness branch of the SNP has donated £250 to a new local charity, Bo’ness Car 4U. 

Bo’ness Car 4U is a newly registered SCIO, set up with the aim of providing a free and friendly hospital transport service for cancer patients registered with any Bo’ness medical practice.

Going to and from hospital for cancer treatment can be difficult. Public transport is often infrequent and expensive, while driving involves the stress of traffic and hospital parking.

Bo’ness Car 4U is a small local charity made up of volunteer drivers who are seeking to remove these worries for those undergoing cancer treatment. 

The Bo’ness Car 4U service aims to launch in 2022, and they are looking for volunteers and donations. More details can be found on their website, and Facebook page.

Commenting, local Bo’ness SNP Councillor, Ann Ritchie, said;

“We know that getting to hospital for cancer treatment can be difficult, and we know that often, driving to or using public transport to reach these services can cause additional stress for those receiving treatment for cancer. 

The local SNP branch believes that this new charity will provide a service which makes the lives of those undergoing this treatment easier. 

This is why we have made this donation to the Bo’ness Car 4U, and we urge others to get in touch with the charity to assist with donations and volunteers.”

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Michelle Thomson, SNP MSP for Falkirk East, has put forward a motion to the Scottish Parliament congratulating Callum Bloomfield, Tayler Adamson and Jamie Demirkoc on winning the Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) at Bo’ness Academy.

The three pupils had to research local organisations as part of the YPI initiative and decide which, in their view, was best placed to make a positive contribution to their community. As the winners they received £3,000 to donate to their chosen charity or organisation, Bo’ness Storehouse.

Commenting, Michelle Thomson MSP, Falkirk East constituency, said:

“The Youth Philanthropy Initiative is a fantastic competition taking place in schools across Falkirk district and across the country. I applaud Callum, Tayler and Jamie on their work and congratulate them further on winning a great prize that will have a real positive impact on the communities of Bo’ness.

“These competitions do more for our communities than we could possibly measure. By giving local students the opportunity to research and understand more about what is going on in the communities they live, it is sure to have a positive impact on them and the place they call home.”

“I very much look forward to hearing more about initiatives like this from across Falkirk East constituency.”

Michelle Thomson on the success of the Youth Philanthropy Initiative.

Michelle’s motion congratulating the pupils is as follows:

That the Parliament congratulates the Bo’ness academy S3 pupils, Callum Bloomfield, Tayler Adamson and Jamie Demirkoc, who recently won the youth and philanthropy initiative (ypi) at the school, receiving £3,000 to donate to their chosen charity, Bo’ness storehouse; understands that the group researched their local community and identified the local social service charity that they believed was best placed to make a positive contribution to their community; recognises that the YPI offers the opportunity for people to receive first-hand experience of philanthropy and advice on what they can do to make a positive impact on their communities; considers it important to understand the social issues faced by communities and what can be done to alleviate those issues by investment and support; encourages all young people across Falkirk district to follow this example and become champions of their own communities in tackling social issues; congratulates everyone involved in YPI at Bo’ness academy on their hard work, and wishes them well for the future.